Real Mermaids Smoke Seaweed - Handmade wood sign

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   Real Mermaids Smoke Seaweed / with a real shell for her pipe
             Handmade, Hand painted wood sign

Choice of 2 different colors and sizes

A - 15"W  x  13"H - American walnut Brown 
B - 12.5"W  x 11"H - Weathered grey 

Rope on the back for fast, easy hanging.

All my signs that I personally create are cut, sanded, assembled, and hand painted by myself.  I mostly use reclaimed & recycled pallet wood.
I also use as much recycled shipping and packing material that I can find to help the environment.  
Each board is unique in its own way with imperfections, knots, and variations of wood grains. They are also hand painted, so no two signs would look exactly alike.  


Thank you, Doreen 407-832-6124



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